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Russia, Republic of Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kirghizia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Mongolia, Republic of Latvia (Latvia), Republic of Lithuania (Lithuania), Republic of Estonia (Estonia) and Finland.
Tracing by wagon`s and container`s number
Tracing by wagon`s number and partly by container`s number
Tracing by wagon`s number

Container search

Container dislocation detection (container tracing)

Everyone who has dealt with container transactions at least once knows that a container, especially of a middle ton weight, can travel for several months, whereas a wagon can be delivered to a destination station in a week after its admission to transportation. The same refers to containers of large ton weight.

Our system helps to explain to a client where his container is. 

General service description: you should put a container to the dislocation detection (tracing) and on the following morning you will receive data about its location. Data are updated twice a day from container departing station to its destination station. The container is automatically put off the tracing as soon as it reaches the destination station.

If the container is dispatched from a station in the Baltic States, it is necessary to know the number of a platform on which this container is put on.

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