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Frequently asked questions
1. How often the information is updated in the system?
At regulated tracking over the wagon data are updated 24 times per day in the system.

At operational tracking over the wagon data are undated within 5-10 minutes in the system.
2. What is the regulated tracking?
This is tracking over a wagon from the departure station to the station of destination – data on location of the wagon are entered in the system on a regular basis – once – twice per day till the moment when this wagon arrives at the station of destination.
3. What is the operational (urgent) tracking?
This is a lump-sum request to determine dislocation of a wagon. Information on such the request comes really fast – within 5-10 minutes.
4. What data do you provide with about a wagon?
Current location date:
Current location:  
Code of operation and deciphering thereof:  
Train index:  
Wagon condition: loaded or empty
Forecast for arrival of a wagon
Distance till the station of destination:
5. How to register and start operating the system?
It is required to conclude an agreement for operating the system.
For this purpose we request to send us the following details by e-mail  [email protected]:
Name of your company
Registration number
Taxpayer’ number
VAT payer’ number (if differs)
Who will sign an agreement
On which basis (Articles of Association, power of attorney, agreement , order)
Web-site address
Registered office (legal address)
Mail address
Name of the bank
Account number
SWIFT code
Name of the bank-correspondent
Number of an account with the bank-correspondent
Contact person: given names, surname
Contact phone
Contact e-mail
Office held
Preferred login (optional)
6. Do you operate with individuals?
We can work only with legal entities. To conclude a contract, please contact our Contract Department by E-mail: [email protected]
7. What is monthly payment for operation of the system?
We do not collect payment for operation of the system – only for the services actually provided.
8. What types of payment do you accept?
At current time we have following types of payment:
Bank transfer
Yandex Money
Leader system
Payment cards (VISA/Mastercard)
9. Do you follow-up containers?
Yes, we define containers dislocation. In some cases, for example, in the Baltic States it is impossible to keep tracking over containers; that is why we monitor a number of the platform,   where a container is located.  To determine dislocation of a container it is required to specify full number of the container – together with the prefix in letters.
10. Does your pricing policy depend upon the number of tracked wagons per month or not?
Yes, it does. The more wagons you track per month, the cheaper this service will be for you.
11. I am short of some functions in the system. Could you help me?
We independently carry out programming of the system; that is why we are able to implement practically all your requests. Please, write your request by e-mail  [email protected] or by phone +371 29 411 144.
12. A am unable to find name of a station in the list of stations. What can I do?
Write a letter to us by e-mail  [email protected] with the name of your station. We shall add it to the system.
13. May I receive data for my web-site from your system?
Yes, for this purpose write by e-mail [email protected] and we shall open access to the base for you.
14. Are you able to develop the system of wagons administration for us?
Yes we are. I request to communicate with us by e-mail  [email protected] or by phone +371 29 411 144 for discussing details.
15. What is a circular (permanent) tracking?
This is de facto the variation of Regulated tracking over a wagon. The only difference – you need add manually a wagon for tracking, if it has reached the station of destination.
16. Do you work in holidays?
We work every day without days off from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Moscow time. Data are updated in the system on a regular basis. You are able to add a wagon for tracking even at night and you will receive fresh data already in the morning. For urgent (operational) tracking data will be ready in 5-10 minutes.
17. Is it possible to receive test access?
Yes, it is. Please, write for this purpose by e-mail  [email protected] and we shall develop the test account for you.
18. What is the process of adding a wagon for tracking?
For this purpose you need to pass authorization at the portal, to enter the section “Add a wagon for tracking”, to enter a wagon number, the departure station and the station of destination  and to press the key “Add”. After that a wagon is regarded added for determining dislocation.
19. Should we ring you up and receive the confirmation that any wagon has been duly established for determining dislocation?
No, you need not. If the wagon established by you is in the list, you need not do anything else.
20. We have a lot of wagons. May we send you the list in order you added all wagons by yourself?
Yes, send the list by e-mail [email protected] with the note “Determine tracking”. Certainly, you should enter into an agreement with us for this purpose.
21. It is urgent for us to get known dislocation of a wagon. Are you able to help us?
Yes we are, enter the section “urgent determination of dislocation” and add a wagon. The newest data regarding the wagon will be known in 5-10 minutes.
22. Why the date of current location of a wagon does not concur with the current date?
This field specifies the last date of operation with the wagon. It may differ from the current date, in particular, if the wagon stands on approach track of the station. To specify exact location of the wagon, please, write us by e-mail [email protected] and we shall get known detailed information where is the wagon.
23. How much is the service of determining dislocation of a wagon or container?
This information is confidential and be determined individually for each particular customer subject to the number of tracked wagons.
24. We have delivered more wagons within a month for determining dislocation, comparable to the invoice issued by you. Why is it so?
We tariff a wagon the moment, when it arrives at the station of destination. Money is not withdrawn from your account before this moment. You will receive an invoice only the next month for the wagons delivered by you last month and which arrived at the station of destination this month.
25. We have partners abroad. They are unable to see Russian letters in Excel report, what shall we do?
Export in Excel file has been made for this aim applying the transliteration – substitution of Russian letters with Latin.
26. We do not know the departure station and the station of destination. Is it possible to know location of a wagon?
Yes, it is. It may be done with the help of operational tracking. Specify the departure station Vilnius and the station of destination Minsk.
27. Which way will the reply on wagons location be given in?
The entire work takes place inside the portal After the authorization you enter a wagon for determining dislocation. All data regarding cargo tracking will appear inside the system. You will be able to form independently export in Excel.
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