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Tracing by wagon`s and container`s number
Tracing by wagon`s number and partly by container`s number
Tracing by wagon`s number

Approach of wagons and containers

Criteria-based determination of the locations of wagons is most relevant for the owner of the spur track – the consignee of loaded and empty freight wagons. The approach of wagons is used in virtually every department of a transport and logistics company that works with loading or unloading of wagons at a station.

As a result of a request for this service, you will receive a list of wagons traveling to your address, along with detailed information on transportation and locations of the wagons. Using this information, the consignee will be able to either clear the track in time for unloading the cargo or prepare the goods for loading into the empty wagons, or plan the delivery of wagons as per the schedule.

Most frequently, the criteria used to obtain the data are the destination station of the wagon and the OKPO (Russian National Classifier of Businesses and Organizations) code of the consignee, or if OKPO is unavailable – the TGNL (telegram–consignor list) code of the consignee (four-digit code).

The data on locations of wagons during their approach are regularly updated, which guarantees a reduction of wagon demurrage on public tracks and decrease of complaints from shipping customers.

Upon reaching the destination station, the wagons will be automatically moved to the archive, but they will be accessible at any time convenient to you.

The request for information on the approach of containers can be set up similarly to wagons.

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